Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
These Are the 5 Items That No Closet Needs

As a fashion editor, I often get the question, “What trends do you wish never existed?” And while I wouldn’t use the word “never,” there are definitely trends that my (or anyone’s) closet could go without. Heading into the New Year led me to think a lot more about my own closet and those pieces that just don’t serve me anymore. 

I’ve been in the process of streamlining my personal closet into something more practical and wearable, one that will last me for years to come. This means building in more timeless staples and quality investment items, all of which inevitably sophisticate my overall wardrobe. 

This includes tailored trousers, functional tote bags, and versatile slip skirts (to name a few). To aid in the initial phases of your closet update, I’ve listed below the top contenders for your donation bag. I’ve also included some worthy replacements to keep your closet fresh and elevated.

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