Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
The Best Jeans to Buy in 2024, Per 7 Who What Wear Editors

Take this from somebody who has owned and currently owns far too many pairs of jeans—the best ones are obtained through word of mouth. There’s really no other way. So when new styles drop that aren’t already beloved by everyone in the fashion community and beyond (including but not limited to Levi’s 501s and Agolde’s Pinch Waist silhouette), they really need to be tested, worn, washed, worn again, and finally, talked about—a lot.

With 2024 wardrobes being conceptualized and built as we speak, I thought I’d get the ball rolling on next year’s must-buy denim by skipping a step in the process. By that, I mean that rather than waiting for the best jeans recommendations to make their way to me, I sought them out. But I didn’t ask just anyone. Instead, I called on the shoppers I trust most, my fellow Who What Wear editors, who, between them all, have probably tested out every pair of jeans on the market at any given time. And as always, they came through. Scroll down to shop the 2024 Zagat guide to denim.

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