Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
The Best Basics for Winter

The foundation of any wardrobe is great basics. Sure, it may be the statement heels or the sparkly party dress that gets all of the attention, but a collection of stylish foundational pieces is what will allow you to get dressed every day and feel like the best version of yourself. Whether you wear them together to create stylishly simple outfits or you wear them in a way that lets your statement pieces shine, they’re the workhorses in your wardrobe, and when they’re missing, there’s a feeling that outfits are lacking that little something special.

Now that it’s chilly, it’s worth evaluating what are the everyday pieces you reach for time and again, and take stock of what’s lacking, too. The five basics outlined below are on-trend without being overly trendy and offer a way to upgrade your look for work or weekend errands. Relaxed jeans, a polo sweater, and a striped long-sleeve tee serve as an easy starting place. They can be mixed and matched a million ways and always look good. Think of them as your heroes. The addition of a classic trench coat and a cozy down vest offers the chance to think strategically about layering. Theoretically, you could even wear all five pieces at once.

Shop the best of the best across each category, and lock down your five-piece winter capsule so that you can effortlessly leave the house without worrying that everything goes together.

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