Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
The 8 Coolest Australian Fashion Brands to Know and Shop Now

I lived in Sydney for most of my 20s, so Australian fashion holds a special place in my heart and a lot of the prime real estate in my wardrobe. Given my well-documented evolution into a more minimal, low-key style, I understand there may be a little surprise from a casual observer that I’m as invested in Aussie brands as I continue to be.

If you haven’t been paying careful attention, you might have missed that there’s a quieter, moodier side that’s slowly but surely beginning to dominate. Australian fashion’s aesthetic has taken a turn from the typically sunny demeanor with which it once was synonymous that’s rooted in swimwear and colorful resort collections. These buzzy designers are doing all sorts of good things with neutrals (not exclusively but consistently), offering pieces very much at one with the quiet luxury energy that’s dominating style globally. There are more, but here are eight Australian brands you should know. They definitely know how to do effortless basics, and most importantly, you can shop them from the U.S.

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