Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
The 19 Best Sweatpants for Women at Every Price Point

While I’ve been eagerly taking notes on the latest trends coming down both the fall and spring runways, there’s one “non-fashion” item I’ll always have space in my wardrobe for—sweatpants. Yes, I’ve heard all the quotes about them being a sign of giving up or fashion defeat, but that doesn’t concern me. Every fall, they’ll always be an integral part of my everyday wardrobe. Since comfort has been a priority for many brands since 2020, there are a lot more stylish options on the market than in years prior. Miu Miu even put zip-up sweatshirts on the runway this year, so I don’t think fashion sweatpants are a far reach. 

With that in mind, I took it upon myself to share in the cozy wealth and find the best sweatpants that meet Who What Wear’s comfort and style standards. Whether you’re in the market for travel sweats, sleep sweats, or just a pair to run errands in, the picks below will offer a loungewear refresh. Keep scrolling to shop all the chic variations of fleece, cotton, and cashmere to fill your wardrobe with this season.

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