Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
The 15 Best Drugstore Highlighters, According to an Editor

No matter how much we wish we could hop on a plane and fly somewhere warm and sunny each time we feel a little lackluster, that’s simply not the case. We have to deal with it ourselves. That means engaging in some rest, relaxation, and self-care… and stocking up on highlighter.

That last part might sound strange, but hear us out. Whenever we feel tired or burnt out, our skin is usually the first to show it. Since we don’t want to look the part, we reach for highlighter to give us that well-rested, post-vacation glow we wish we had. In some ironic psychological play, it actually makes us feel better. Maybe there’s some truth behind that old adage “look good, feel good.” 

Regardless, using highlighter is an underrated way to make your skin look glowy and sun-kissed. If you use the right ones, you might make people think you just returned from a two-week vacation. Maybe you spent it sipping limoncello on the Amalfi Coast while the sun warmed your shoulders. Maybe you stayed in a private villa in Majorca drinking cocktails and eating fresh fish. Take your pick. Ahead, see the 15 best drugstore highlighters. They’re all $20 and under, so they cost a whole lot less than a luxury vacation. 

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