Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
Nordstrom's Beloved Cashmere Sweaters Are on Sale for $100

I know this might sound weird, but my family has an odd obsession with cashmere. Ever since I was little, cashmere sweaters, shawls, throws, and winter accessories like gloves, hats, and scarves were what people gifted each other with, both on my mom’s side and my dad’s. It even became sort of a challenge of who could find the best cashmere for the most affordable price, be it because of deep discounts or a top-secret high-quality but low-price brand. (My mom’s pick was always Costco.) As an adult, my closet is now full of the super-soft fabric, including my own personal collection and pieces I’ve set aside to give away during the holidays or a birthday. Old habits die hard, especially when that habit is so luxurious.

What I’m trying to say here is that I’ve tested a lot of cashmere in my 28 years, including the highest-quality, most expensive takes by brands like Khaite and Loro Piana. But honestly, the cashmere sweater I always come back to is the crew-neck below from Nordstrom’s eponymous label.

The knit in question comes in a wide range of colors—including neutrals and seasonal shades—and is currently on sale during Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale for under $100. This means that the time has come for me to re-up my gifting stock ahead of the holidays. Nordstrom also makes an equally giftable V-neck silhouette for the same price as well as more colors and extended sizes. Scroll down to shop the marked-down cashmere sweater I buy on sale year after year to wrap up and dole out this time of year.

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