Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
I Actually Now Reach For These 5 Celebrity Branded Products

It’s 2024, and although it may seem like we’ve hit the peak of celebrity brands—they just keep coming. Every time you think, “This is enough,” a few more press releases make their way into the world. To a certain extent, each celebrity brand banks on hype and name recognition to secure initial buzz. But when you have standout successes like Rare Beauty and Skims, which have brought out trustworthy products regardless of the name attached, it makes sense for others to throw their cards on the table. And while others may write them off completely, I can’t help but be extremely nosy, or in better words, curious. If I had judged Skims off the bat, I never would have found the only bra I have ever bought in six different colors. 

After chatting with fellow editors and taking an in-depth scroll through the product reviews of TikTok, I embarked on the journey to spend my entire winter break testing out as many celebrity brands as I could get my hands on. Once I got past a few trial runs and settled into a routine, it was evident which products would be finding a place in my everyday life. Now, I can’t help but reach for Lemme’s sleep gummies when I’m in dire need of a full night’s rest and Being Frenshie’s body spray stays in my purse at all times. Keep scrolling to see the celebrity-backed products I’d recommend to friends in the new year. The results may surprise you. 

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