Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
5 Winter Dress Trends to Try This Season

When you think about your winter wardrobe, it’s probably pieces like gloves, down jackets, and beanies that first come to mind. But between holiday parties, cozy brunches, and snowy weddings, don’t ignore the importance of seasonal dresses. Whether you’re more of a homebody or you’ve overcommitted yourself to all of the holiday parties on your calendar, Scroll through Instagram this time of year, and it’s likely your feed is full of stylish women showing off exactly how they’re styling this winter’s biggest dress trends, from simple to statement-making.

Before you embark on your own shopping journey, we suggest thinking about winter dresses in two main categories: practical or party. Now, this doesn’t mean that a style can’t check both boxes, but odds are you’ll either want something simple and comfortable for everyday wear, or you’re looking for a special-occasion style that has a major impact. Showing up to work in a sparkly, sequin minidress probably isn’t something you’d want to do, but a sweaterdress, absolutely.

Ahead, we’re tackling both categories with five trends that are particularly popular at the moment, including quiet-luxury-coded winter whites and Gen Z–approved bow details. One tip: If your big concern during winter is that a dress won’t keep you warm enough, layering fleece tights or heat-tech underneath and a heavy coat on top will ensure that even in a teeny-tiny mini, you’ll feel like you’re swathed in a million layers. Shop all of our on-trend picks below. 

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