Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
5 Stylish Jean-and-Shoe Pairings for 2024

I’m almost always on the hunt for a good pair of jeans. If you were to look at my computer right now, you’d see nearly all my shopping tabs open to a product page for a pair of jeans. If I’m not browsing for jeans? Then, like any good fashion person, I’m looking for shoes. (Although, they are definitely not mutually exclusive.) So it’s no wonder that I tend to be preoccupied with how I might style my two favorite clothing items. Plus, a new year is upon us, which in my mind is a fine time for a wardrobe refresh. Out with the stale jean-and-shoe pairings I wore throughout 2023 and in with the new, inspiring pairings that will hopefully inform my upcoming year as a whole.

If you thought skinny jeans might make a comeback in 2024, I’m sorry to say that there’s nary a pair in sight on this list. The freshest jean-and-shoe pairings for next year continue to revolve around wide-leg style denim. While sportier pairings, like a pair of puddle jeans with sneakers made the cut, there’s also something really nice about the juxtaposition between slouchier jeans and more classically feminine shoes. To see all the jean-and-shoe pairings that feel especially luxe for 2024, keep scrolling. Five enviable stylings are just below. 

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