Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
5 Nordstrom Shopping Picks Fashion People Love

Leading up to the holidays, I swore that I’d focus my purchasing solely on gift giving. With my tiny Brooklyn closest already at capacity, there’s not really room for me to add much of anything new. Plus, picking out the perfect present takes time, so shifting my efforts away from my own desires means more time to focus on finding something perfect for my mom or my BFF. Unfortunately for my plans, the minute I began to peruse potential gift items, I found myself thinking about how cute certain finds would look on me.

Curious as to exactly what it is that caught my eye? Well, if you read on, you’ll find the five items that I now have patiently waiting for me in my cart. The good news is that setting them aside is not an entirely selfish endeavor; I actually see them as being the kind of gifts that could turn into a “one for her, one for me” kind of situation. There’s a pair of Vince Camuto flats that, while neutral, are anything but boring; a handbag that’s casual but made to stand out; and even a pair of jeans that may convince me to go on a Wild West vacation.

If any of this sounds intriguing, then you too are welcome to join me in finding a little bit of room for these in your own closet (or perhaps gifting them). Beyond my own five must-haves, I’ve also included a few additional shopping options that I’m considering for family and friends.

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