Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
4 Winter Shoe Trends to Put on Your Shopping List

I’ll give you five seconds to name the first shoe that comes to mind when you think of winter. Was it Uggs? What about ski boots? Come cold weather, the shoes that first come to mind are those that are durable, practical, and cozy. But I’m here to tell you this winter, my favorite shoe trends to know put practicality at play with style. Unlike painful or impractical trends of the past, these comfortable shoes are among my favorites. As someone who much prefers warm weather to cold temps, I think of these four styles as the summer person’s winter footwear starter pack. They embody the ease of Birkenstocks or block-heeled sandals but keep the toes covered and can be layered with a pair of cashmere socks when the occasion calls for it.

One thing I do love about dressing during winter is how easy it is to play with textures and layer in ways that make outfits feel thoughtful and complex. Within each of the four shoe trends I’m highlighting as worth your while for winter, I wanted to show versatility with a range of materials and colors. Think velvet Mary Janes, a decidedly indoor shoe style that I want to break out for a holiday dinner, or weather-resistant sneakers in a shocking green hue that make even the gloomiest rainy day feel brighter. Whether you’re more of a minimalist or your cold-weather style is sporty, there’s a shoe for you to enjoy.

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