Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
3 Chic and Easy Ways to Style a Men's Watch for Women

The fashion world is currently enamored with watches, especially ones designed for and worn by women. Instagram is loaded with them, showcased on wrists and stacked alongside sculptural bracelets or in a decorative box to show off a growing collection. In a retail space once dominated by men, women are embracing these meticulously crafted and categorically luxurious investment items with open arms.

In the past, celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez dabbled in larger timepieces, but this time around, most of the watches that are trending among women are rather dainty in size. Think smaller Tanks and Baignoires and Lady Datejusts.  While I am nothing if not smitten with all three of the aforementioned styles, I’m also someone who spent her early 20s in a men’s Seiko stolen from her father, which is why I’ve always had a soft spot for bigger, more substantial timepieces when time is taken to choose the right one and, of course, it is styled just right. 

One trick to styling a men’s watch is to stick with cases that are 40 millimeters or below. Anything larger than that tends to be overly showy, a trait that’s best avoided, especially for an everyday watch. (Luxury watches are expensive and sought after, so you don’t want to draw an abundance of attention to yours. In 2022, nearly 7000 Rolexes were reported stolen or missing, according to data from The Watch Register.) I also prefer to go for classic color options and minimal designs that can be dressed up or down and will fit seamlessly with my existing jewelry collection and wardrobe. 

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