Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
23 Fashion Girl–Approved Finds From Nordstrom's Big Sale

Because of my job, I pretty much have the sale schedules of every retailer memorized. In other words, I’ve known about Nordstrom’s current sale for a long time (all year) and have been mentally, emotionally, and physically preparing for it. Think I’m kidding? I won’t bore you with the receipts, but trust me—I’ve never been readier to dig up the best finds from Nordstrom’s 30,000-plus women’s sale items than I am today. You should see my workstation. It includes three screens, four liquids, and the perfect playlist for peak concentration.

Enough about the preparation though. You and I both know that what you’re really here for is a list of irresistible fashion items that would’ve cost you infinitely more just a short while ago. Scroll down for 23 items that even someone who’s meticulously scrolled through every sale in 2023 is incapable of resisting. They’re that good.

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