Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
10 French Shoe Brands Fashion People Wear Nonstop

When most people think about the French, they think about their food, their architecture, their effortless beauty hacks, and, of course, their personal style. Most of us center our love for French fashion on tweed jackets, straight-leg jeans, and oversize blazers. There’s a lot that can distract you from one of their best assets—their shoe collections.

The French have a similar knack for footwear as they do with everything else that one might consider to be a work of art. While everyone who visits knows the Louvre, very few have spent time seeking out chaussures. Who has room for all that in their suitcase? Regardless of baggage weight restrictions, I implore you to join me in discovering these 10 French shoe brands that conveniently are available for international shipping.

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