Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
10 Fashion-Favorite Raey Basics I Tried On and Loved

The word “gatekeep” in the context of fashion exists for a reason. In an environment where an item that feels unique and different from every other ubiquitous viral sensation can easily meet that same fate following one successful TikTok video, we can’t exactly blame fashion people for keeping some of their secret go-to brands under lock and key. After all, we’ve seen how hard the social media platform has made getting reservations at new, hot restaurants. It’s no different with clothes.

Thus far, the fashion crowd’s been fairly successful at keeping their mouths shut about and their closets full of Raey, the in-house label that London-based luxury e-tailer Matches launched in 2015. Known for its baby-soft knits, cool oversize denim, and perfectly tailored outerwear, the brand’s become a beloved staple for elevated basics, much like The Frankie Shop, Loulou Studio, and Toteme. Unlike those much-discussed labels, Raey flies under the radar for the most part, but I’m bursting its bubble. After trying on 10 pieces by the brand, I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut about how good it is. 

Scroll down to read all about the pieces I reviewed IRL and shop them, of course. 

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